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1. After coming to an agreement on the contents of your commission, half of the payment should be sent to initiate the commission.2. All of the previews remain the property of Sheriff Pirek and cannot be used by the client or third party to complete. Circumvention of this will be met with the appropriate action.3. In the event of any cancelation on the client's part, they will be refunded 50% of their order cost if work on the project has begun. If proofs or previews of work have been sent to the client, 25% of the order cost will be refunded and will now stand as purchased work and labor.
In the event of any cancelation on Sheriff Pirek's part, the client will be refunded 100% of their order cost.
If the client fails to maintain contact for a period of at least 30 days, Sheriff Pirek is entitled to cancel the project. Feedback and contact are crucial for ongoing projects.
4. There is no limit to the editing of sketches provided for the project. Three edits are permitted to any commission after the sketching process. Beginning with the fourth significant edit, the commission is entered into the design payment process. Additional edits will be charged by the hour.5.Sheriff Pirek keeps the rights to the Intellectual Property of the artworks created for you. Any attempts to remake or circumvent this by the client or a third party will result in an IP violation and will be met with the appropriate action. You reserve the right to merchandise your graphics freely with no license or compensation to Sheriff Pirek provided they are unedited. Any edits required for merchandising can be carried out by Sheriff Pirek as well. Any client or third-party editing is not permitted. Permission may be given for editing the works by a third party.6. Under no circumstances can any art created by Sheriff Pirek be used, bought, or sold in any crypto or NFT marketplace or privately. This is strictly forbidden and will be met with the appropriate action.If you have any additional questions, please use any method of contact listed on the main page to reach out about it.